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If a vehicle is FOUR years old it is required to be tested. You will not be able to renew your Road Tax without the vehicle passing the test.

The test is carried out at authorized garages and covers:

  • exhaust emission
  • brakes
  • shocks upsorber
  • steering
  • a visual check of lights, tyres, brake pipes etc.

The test is computerized and takes about 30 minutes.

The Procedure

If your vehicle is correctly registered and the Department of Transport (DoRT) has your current address, you will receive a notification, in Greek, that the test is due and you have failed to submit the vehicle for testing. You will be given a limited time in which you have to comply with the requirement.

The form includes information on the current fees and the date by which the test must be carried out. It may be a month or so after the anniversary of first registration.

It might occur that a text message may be sent to the owner prior to the test becoming due. This assumes that the correct number listed in records is your own mobile phone number.

If you do not receive notification, you still need to go through the same procedure whatever the case. Non receipt of the reminder will not let you off the hook, should it come to a prosecution.

You then need to take the vehicle registration document and the fee (currently €35.25) to a testing station, authorized to carry out the test.

The result is entered on the DoRT database immediately and you will be given a copy of the result, a pass certificate and a receipt.

There is no longer a disc to display on the windscreen.
The certificate is currently valid for TWO years.