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Technical inspection of vehicles

Well-maintained vehicles that meet all safety requirements are less likely to be involved in road accidents.

Technical checks not only confirm the good condition of our vehicle but at the same time contribute to protecting the environment and ensuring fair competition in the transport sector.


Package of technical control measures

The main objective of the proposal is to increase road safety. More than 1,200 lives could be saved thanks to the planned new measures. The technical control package covers periodic audits, technical audits and vehicle registration.

2 types of checks

Periodic technical checks

EU legislation ensures that most of the vehicles are subject to regular technical inspection. It provides the basis for vehicle inspection across the EU to ensure that they meet the same safety requirements as on the first day of traffic.

Road checks

According to EU law, unannounced roadside checks on commercial vehicles can be carried out in all Member States, regardless of whether the vehicle is registered in the EU.

These checks cover brakes, exhaust emissions and the general condition of the vehicle. Drivers may also be required to present their recently completed compulsory vehicle inspection certificate.



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